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About us

Get in touch with our professionals now to explore this amazing under water beauty.

Why dive with us?

Samarth Scuba Diving’s objective is to provide seamless, safe, luxury scuba diving solutions to a beginner, new, and experienced scuba divers alike, in an environment of trust, focusing firmly on safety, service, conservation and environmental awareness. This is accomplished through highly expert professionals and by utilizing our prominent solutions.

To relish amazing natural beauty under water, our professionals will provide complete training and knowledge to make sure you are safe. There are a number of watersports in Tarkarli which you can try. After complying with a hectic working schedule at office, this space can be a sheer joy for weekend relaxation. With Scuba diving at Tarkarli, you can enjoy the thrill and beauty the place presents. This sport is practiced recreationally and is known all over the planet. You can surely be a professional in this!

Our convenient location

Our all ativities operated near Daneshwar temple, Dandi beach, Near Tarkarli, Malvan.

Our expert instructors

We have appointed well experienced instructor who instruct in Marathi and hindi language. We also arrange instructor who can speak in English.

Our beautiful scuba sites

In Tarkarli, there are 7 different points where we can do scuba. As per the visibility we numbered the points as bellow 1. King’s garden point 2. Rewala point 3. Reti point 4. Dharan point 5. Juva Point 6. Achara point 7. Chivla point.

Well-equipped Boats & equipments

We have used outboard engine fiber coated boat with all safety apparatus and the instruments used for scuba diving are branded.

Our Approach

Here, at Samarth Scuba Diving, we provide the ultimate paradise adventure in an inaccessible, un-spoilt, and unexplored area of Tarkarli. Our service is customized to your party’s specific skills and requirements. From experienced divers to beginners, we guarantee to provide you the adventure of a lifetime.

Whether you desire to organize the dive trip of a lifetime, learn how to dive, or have a private dive master, we can provide the solution. Here, at Samarth Scuba Diving, we put passion into action and provide world-class diving solutions in Tarkarli and Malvan.

Our prime objective is to provide the ultimate in luxury recreational scuba diving experiences in Tarkarli, customizing each and every trip to your own specific desires and needs. There is no better sense of feeling than being in a place where you do not see anybody –not a boat, not a resort, – and to know that not a single person has dived there for a long-long period of time, maybe ever.

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