Tarkarli Scuba Diving Packages & Rates

Please check our packages and respective rates for deep sea diving, shallow diving, water sports rides. All prices include with equipment rental, boat fees and dive master.

Shallow Sea Diving INR 800/-

A shallow sea water diving is usually between 10 to 20 feet. It has increased visibility and dive time is limited only by air consumption.

  • Duration:10-20 minutes Under water
  • Level: Basic

Deep Sea Diving INR 1100/-

In this recreational sport, diving depths is ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet. Visitors can experience more thrill and excitement.

  • Duration: 10-25 minutes underwater
  • Level: Advance

Water Sports Ride INR 800/-

watersports activities in variety we have offered for you. choose from that suit your every mood and desire.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Level: Medium

Shallow Scuba + Water sports INR 1700/-

This package is acombintation of shallow water scuba diving, 5 Water sports rides and para-sailing too.

  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Level: Medium

Deep diving+ Water Sports INR 2200/-

This package combines dep sea water scuba diving, 5 Water sports rides and para-sailing.

  • Duration: 6-7 Hours
  • Level: Advanced

Combo Package INR 3000/-

This is complete package with stay.It includes Deep Scuba diving, Water Sports, Para-sailing and one night stay.

  • Duration: 1 Night
  • Level: Advanced

Our convenient location

Our all ativities operated near Daneshwar temple, Dandi beach, Near Tarkarli, Malvan.

Our expert instructors

We have appointed well experienced instructor who instruct in Marathi and hindi language. We also arrange instructor who can speak in English.

Our beautiful scuba site area

In Tarkarli, there are 7 different points where we can do scuba. As per the visibility we numbered the points as bellow 1. King’s garden point 2. Rewala point 3. Reti point 4. Dharan point 5. Juva Point 6. Achara point 7. Chivla point

Well-equipped Boat & Instruments

We have used outboard engine fiber coated boat with all safety apparatus and the instruments used for scuba diving are branded.

Scuba Destination

Some words about us

Are you looking forward to having an amazing time in Maharashtra, India?

Do you want to relish the excitement and exceptional beauty of underwater life and contours?

Scuba Diving is a must for sure!
Tarkarli Scuba Diving is one of the most reliable and reputable scuba diving organizers with years of experience in offering a wide array of water sports in Malvan.

your safety is our prime concern. We make sure everyone is ideally trained and mentored by M.T.D.C before stepping in to this an amazing water sport. All the equipment used are fully assured by respective authorities, before you move to enjoy the thrilling world under the water.

We have three boats to assist you have amazing time and you can relish this in your Tarkarli vacation through:

  • Dolphin spotting rides
  • Jet-ski rides
  • Banana rides and so on.

Tarkarli and Malvan are surely among the several gorgeous places in India to appreciate the exclusive fun of Scuba Diving. With abundant natural beauty, Tarkarli is one of the most beautiful beaches for your weekend trip. Our Scuba Diving service will let you explore exotic fishes, coral reefs, dolphins, sea plants and more. You will feel safe and secure with our professional driver. Malvan will greet you with its exceptional picturesque surrounding, with several places to take selfies and photographs. You will love the enticing and tempting cuisine here!

While engaged in scuba diving in Achare or underwater diving in Tarkarli, you will be using underwater breathing appliance, which helps you breathe underwater. To explore the world underwater, you need to take assistance of the below mentioned equipment:

  • Scuba Masks,
  • Breathing Regulators,
  • Fins And Gauges

Scuba diving at Tarkarli is a modern form of scuba diving, which is extremely simple and easy to learn. All the general skills required to learn scuba diving at Tarkarli can be learned in couple of hours.


Danny FernandesGuest

Scuba diving was a great experience in malvan. The instructors are always with you to guide you underwater and maintain safety. We got to see different fishes amd corals underwater. It is a totally different experience and one must try it at least once.


I did my scuba dive at Malvan in front of Sindhudurg fort. The place is awesome for first time scuba divers. Initial training of 5-10 mins and you are about 20-30 meters below water level. the diver will take many pics and one video which will cover the expereince.

Neveil GonsalvisCustomer

This was really very good 👌👌 experience for me seeing the under water world and the guidance of the divers was also very good and the fares💵👍 are also good..very nice place to see...... You all must experience this.... You will really enjoy ur vacation.... SAMARTH SCUBA DIVING

Kuldeep varunCustomer

The place holds a large number of resorts to cater your vacations and the scuba diving makes it the best place to visit. Also available are splendid mouth watering Malvan dishes. If you want to spend a peaceful weekend, straight away head on to this. The route is a bit exhaustive but the end destination totally worth it.